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Outreach and ministry to the community is an on-going activity.  We will be posting updates, ideas, and activities here.  Please join in and share ideas.  Outreach, defined as the act or process of reaching out, is something we can do collectively and individually.

Carwash 2012

Car wash and produce give away--made an impact

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Just minutes after we started washing cars I was called over to meet her. While her car was being washed she told me that her daughter had been murdered in early June. Her heart was broken. With her permission I gathered a couple of others and we prayed for her. Wow! If that was the only good that came out of the wash, it was worth it. But more came. We averaged washing a car about every 7 minutes, I got to tell several people God loves them and we simply wanted to demonstrate that in a tangible way. Redemptive conversations took place. Connections were made. And Christ was glorified. Definitely a "Yay God" kind of day.


Mayfest Success

fishing pond and pony
foxey ladies
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mayfest beanbag
pulled pork
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What a great day in May. The Mayfest was a tremendous success. Our goal was to provide a quality family event for our community communicating the transforming love of Christ through selfless servanthood. And the Trinity folks did that in a big way. We had miniature horses, fish ponds, craft table, jump house, Pom Pom the clown, face painting, pulled pork, beanbag toss, cake walk, and, my personal favorite--fresh strawberries and ice cream.

Conservative estimates put the attendance at over 100, with 50 or 60 kids among them. Families had fun in the sun. Trinitarians hung out with churched and unchurched folk, so many pitched in to help--the gifts and skills of a wide range of people we're all put to work for the sake of others and the glory of God. And we didn't charge anyone anything for any of it!!

Don't you think that one of the things Christ followers ought to be really good at is creating opportunities for people to connect in meaningful ways? Opportunities for true community! And by doing so we communicated the message that people matter, relationships have value and God cares about all of us having a good time together.

I'm just immensely proud to be part of a church that believes in reaching out for the glory of God and the sake of others.

Outreach Committee Meeting

We are having our first Outreach Committe meeting next week on Thursday, Oct 25 at 5;30 in the evening at SOVC.  I'm sending this to all parishoners but I know that many of you have already expressed an interest in serving on this vital committee.  if you can't make this meeting, please let me know if you are still interested and when a good meeting time will be for you.
The purpose of this group is to:
   1) meet monthly for prayer and planning
   2) strategize and organize specific outreach events
   3) prayerfully help the church to have heart for the unchurched in our comminuty
   4) learn about ways the Holy Spirit is working in the Church as a whole
I am looking forward to working together with all of you and spreading the joy and love that God has blessed us with.  Bring your ideas, your enthusiasm and your talents to this meeting.

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