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Sacramento Valley Deanery

On November 7, 2015, the C4SO Diocese (Church for the Sake of Others) held it's 2015 Diocesan Convention.  The new Sacramento Deanery participated electronically with the meeting from Trinity Anglican Church at Marysville.  As part of the Convention, the new Sacramento Deanery was instituted with Father Victor installed as Dean.  This establishes a group of northern California churches together for mutual support, church growth and planting, and spiritual guidance.  A Deanery is a smaller both in number and geographic area than a Diocese, and is better able to meet and work together without the need to travel the greater distances required within the Diocese.  As Dean of the new deanery, Fr. Victor Schreffler will have an increased workload has he takes on the responsibility of the deanery in addition to his duties at Trinity Anglican.  The vestry and congregation of Trinity Anglican have vowed to support him in this new role, and to support the deanery.

A key part of the Deanery meeting that followed the Diocesan Convention included talks by Fr. Randy Demary offering guidance for hospital visits and Canon Tony Baron giving two sessions on reaching out to the community.  Fr. Randy's talk and the second part of Canon Tony's talk are available here.

Fr. Randy Demary,  Tips for a Successful Hospital Visit

Canon Tony Baron
 Shaped By the Spirit: Servanthood in Community, Part I
Shaped By the Spirit: Servanthood in Community, Part II